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Ahilya, in Sanskrit means one who is perfect.


Ahilya is a range of jewellery made in Sterling Silver, also known as 92.5 % silver. This level is defined as the purest form of silver, that can be used for the creation of jewellery.


All Ahilya pieces are made with Sterling Silver that may be 24 K gold plated (depending on the design) and embellished with precious and semi-precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, pearls, onyx, turquoise, rubelites, lapis lazuli, tourmaline, jade, etc.


Each piece is individually Hallmarked and comes along with a BIS-Hallmarking certificate guaranteeing 92.5 % silver. Ahilya is the ONLY brand that does this in India.


The jewels at  Ahilya are designed by Kajal Kapadia Jain. Kajal has a diploma in the philosophy of Aesthetics (Mumbai University). She also runs an art consultancy called Gallery Maya, and has an MBA in Marketing (S P Jain). Ever since she can remember - Kajal has always adored Silver Jewelery - rummaging through her mother's treasure chest, finding old pieces and creating something out of them was always what she loved doing. This is what she says  " I draw inspiration from the rich Indian Jewellery heritage. Every region has distinctive designs and I love synthesising those classic designs with a touch of the contemporary “ . An eclectic combination of exquisite designs, of the finest quality, each Ahilya piece is lovingly handcrafted taking days, or even weeks of labor.

Depending on the design, the design is sent to different master artisans across the length and breadth of India, providing employment to many across the country. These Masters work on the designs and send them back to the Head office where they undergo strict Quality checks before they finally make their way out to the customer. 

The Design Aesthetic of Ahilya is clearly: that the fusion of Indian classic designs looks extraordinary and unique when teamed up with Western dresses. That Is Kajal’s own personal style and that comes through in Ahilya too.


 Ahilya is a combination of heritage designs, dramatic patterns and contemporary styles.